Wheeler Centre releases Programme Three

Today the Wheeler Centre released its final programme for 2011 and we were stoked to discover that it’s full of big names and even bigger ideas.

We’re thrilled to announce that The Hon. Michael Kirby AC, one of Australia’s most admired public figures, will be launching his personal memoir, ‘A Private Life’ at the Centre on the 29th of September.

Other noteworthy speakers include East Timorese President His Excellency Dr. Jose Ramos Horta (who will be participating in the final Intelligence Squared Debate for the year: The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World) and the 24th Prime Minister of Australia, The Hon. Paul Keating in conversation with Robert Manne.

In the realm of fiction American author Jonathan Safran Foer (best known for his novel ‘Everything is Illuminated’) is just the tip of the iceberg as best-selling Australian authors Matthew Reilly, Di Morrissey, Alex Miller and Elliot Perlman will all be speaking at the Wheeler Centre in October and November.

They’ll also be hosting a veritable feast of international guests including foreign correspondent Kate Adie and exiled Chinese writer Liao Yiwu who is visiting Australia for the first time to freely speak his mind about contemporary Chinese society.

This amazing line-up isn’t all we can expect from the Wheeler Centre before the New Year either. They’ll be presenting the final two Quarterly Essays for 2011 and giving us more food for thought (quite literally) with a new café/bar opening soon.

Programme Three at the Wheeler Centre is definitely not one to miss out on.

Check out the full programme here.

This article was originally published on everguide.com.au, an events and pop culture hub. Everguide has since taken a permanent hiatus. You can still read some of the stories here.

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