Parklife unveils most Ridiculously Expensive Ticket yet

We’re not one to advocate rising festival ticket prices, but this is one ridiculously expensive ticket that we’d love to get our paws on.

The Parklife organisers behind the ‘More Expensive Ticket’ (which includes access to the Garden Bar, comfortable seating and VIP toilets amongst other sweet perks) have just announced the release of an even more expensive ticket.

While $7,000 might appear to be a tad much, the aptly named ‘Ridiculously Expensive Ticket’ may just be all the proof we need that money really can buy you everything. The ultimate festival package was hand-picked by Parklife’s 50,000 Facebook group members and includes slip-n-slide park entry, sedan chair transport around the festival (á la Eddy Murphy in ‘Coming to America’) and personal welcome messages on the main stage video screen just to name a few. All proceeds from the ticket will go to the (not-so-ridiculous) charity Heaps Decent.

So if money’s no object and you’re looking to have the ultimate festival experience gift-wrapped and delivered to your doorstep then you need look no further than Parklife’s Ridiculously Expensive Ticket – although at this price you may want to cut back on essentials such as groceries and heating for a while.

Full list of ticket features include:

  • Slip-and-slide festival entry
  • A personal drinks caddie (no more queuing)
  • An “artist” cabin backstage with personal rider demands
  • Portable VIP area with security entourage
  • “Coming to America” style sedan chair transport
  • Side of stage performance viewings
  • Bespoke cocktail named in the purchaser’s honour and offered for sale on the day
  • Personal welcome messages main stage video screen
  • Adventure featured on the Parklife website
  • Access to all of the More Expensive Ticket* benefits + 10 x MET’s for friends and/or lackeys

This article was originally published on, an events and pop culture hub. Everguide has since taken a permanent hiatus. You can still read some of the stories here.

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