Talking the Importance of Self-Love With Grace Dlabik

Image: Grace Dlabik.

The relationship we have with ourselves is so important, but it can also be one of the hardest to build and maintain. We’re constantly seeing pictures of perfect lives and perfect skin and perfect hair—we get lost in the comparisons and forget about what’s really important. Recognising that so many young people feel anxious, disconnected and insecure (and that society was doing little to help), Grace Dlabik founded BE. Collective Culture—a social enterprise that hosts talks, workshops, a magazine and a soon-to-be-launched fashion label.

BE. is a space to share ideas, expertise and experiences with some of the most revered and aspirational young people around the globe. Through BE., Grace’s empowers us to explore our relationship with culture, identity, belonging and passion, as well as build valuable life skills. Now BE. is going deep and talking about self-love. We caught up with Grace to find out why BE. is so important and how she practices self-love in her every day.

Read the full interview at Catalogue Magazine

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