The Full Picture

Exhibiting the real voices of homelessness.

The Full Picture wasn’t just an art exhibition about homelessness. It was a project designed to completely alter the way we feel, think, and act on the issue.

To get a better idea of what ‘homelessness’ really was, we interviewed people who have experienced homelessness. We then sent their interviews and photographs to Australian artists with the brief to create a portrait of the individual. The results speak for themselves.

With the support of 15 talented artists, including Archibald finalists Zoe Young and Abdul Abdullah, we created an exhibition that attracted hundreds of guests, along with media attention from the 7.30 Report, The Age, City of Melbourne, and more.

If you would like to hear the stories we collected for yourself, please take a moment to listen to them on our website.

The Full Picture: Breaking down stereotypes
The Full Picture: Breaking down stereotypes

Published by:

Emma Hardy

Emma is a Melbourne-based writer who hopes to bring something positive to the world: be that a smile, a hope, or a wallet handed in to Lost and Found with the money still inside.

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